June 2012

Sometimes, those stereotypes ring true.

Most homeschoolers are pretty competent people.

There are plenty of myths about homeschoolers that I can confidently debunk. Most homeschooled kids are not losers without social lives, for example; on the contrary, most have more friends and more fulfilling social lives than any kids in school that I know. I also hate it when people tell me, “Oh, well you’re a teacher already, so it’s OK, but if you don’t have a teaching degree, you shouldn’t homeschool.”

Well, that’s complete BS, because all my teaching classes taught me were classroom management—discipline, not teaching—and I didn’t teach any better or worse with them (well, I would have taught worse had I integrated them). That said, some parents do leave me wondering what the heck they do with their kids when they do seem incompetent themselves.