March 2012

People Who Have a Sense of Entitlement...

...can make life miserable for everyone else

When I was a youngster, the way this topic was explained to me was individuals who have a misguided sense of entitlement generally fall into either of two categories:  those who "had nothing" in their early years, and those who had "everything handed to them on a silver platter."  Individuals in both categories seem to have the idea that the world and everybody in it "owes them something."  The general viewpoint is "what's mine is mine...  what's yours is mine...  and everything I want, also, is mine." 

All Spam is Not Alike

some can appear to be harmless

If there is one thing everyone probably agrees on, it is the "intense dislike" of finding spam in our email. However, while most types of spam can be quickly identified and deleted, there is one that is especially bothersome. During the last couple of years, I have received countless streams of emails with the names of people I know in the "from" section. The emails are not from those people at all.

Learning the Meaning of "Going Postal"

rates go up, service goes down

My most recent aggravation with the local postal service involves a package that was sent with a Delivery Confirmation.  The sender informed me it had been delivered last Friday--  but it was not delivered to me.  I made eleven calls to the local post office, each time with nothing but a recording on the other end.  Yesterday, some unknown person drove up and dropped the package in my mailbox.  As it had been opened, it seems the only reason she brought it to me was it was something she did not want.