February 2012

Stop Ruining Kids' Futures!

all of the "research" in the world is useless when it is ignored

When Vance Packard published The Status Seekers in 1959, abortion was still illegal in the United States.  While there were other things about present-day life in America that did not exist in Mr. Packard's era, one of the many points in his book that is still relevant today is the topic of teenage pregnancy.  After extensive research, Mr. Packard concluded that youngsters who do not envision bright, hopeful futures for themselves are the most likely to find themselves dealing with teenage pregnancies.  A 2004 study concluded an additional factor:  children and teens who grow up in dysfunctional families are also the most likely to become pregnant or impregnate someone while they are still in their teens. 

"I'm a Little Snowflake"

I hate debate and arguing

Not long ago, I was reading an argument on a forum. The topic was crude and/or vulgar vocabulary. While I was drawn in to read the thread, prepared to see opinions on both sides of the issue, it was not a "pro" or "con" that ticked me off, but something altogether different. It was only one of the most recent examples of something I have seen a lot of these days: the inability to acknowledge a difference-of-opinion as being a difference-of-opinion, and, instead, resorting to personal attacks.

There is No Difference Between Misrepresenting and Lying

it is not o.k. for people to claim they are something which they are not

One thing I have seen a lot of these days is people who misrepresent themselves. Many refer to themselves as something they are not; I suppose they are trying to present themselves as more important than they actually are. While this covers various topics, one has left me especially steamed.