January 2012

I Love Andy Warhol

he had his "finger on the pulse of the future"

The late, great Andy Warhol published a book in 1975. After I ordered, purchased, and read a copy years later, I was fascinated by the man's insight. Not only was Andy Warhol good at "telling it like it is," he had an amazing knack for being able to "tell it like it will be," too.

Manners are What?!?

another sign of being in the wrong place

Awhile after moving to this area, I heard one of the most asinine statements I have ever heard in my life:  "Manners are a sign of weakness."  My first thought was "oh-  that means you're an uncouth boor who wasn't brought up to know anything."  I resisted the impulse to say what I thought, as the individual was only putting into words the kinds of behavior I've encountered since I came here. 

You're Bloody Welcome!

The favors people ask for often surpass the thanks we get.

Thanks is usually enough, especially if you are doing a favor for someone you care about. If my best friend, sister, or other family member asked for anything—whether it’s a bite of my sandwich, a twenty, or a kidney—I would gladly hand it over in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t complain, and a mere “Thanks!” would more than suffice for me.

But you know what I’m talking about when I bring up those people who ask you for favors above and beyond what most people might do, and often for things people would charge for doing. They’re usually acquaintances, people you don’t see very often (if at all), or estranged family members who only pop up when they want something. As a freelance writer, for me, it’s usually people hoping to get rich quick by working from home who want to “pick my brain” about what I do—sometimes often—for free, and carelessly.

Insurance Companies and Independent Review Organizations:

In my experience, the IROs are not so independent.

I recently wrote about being denied full coverage for contraception that my insurance company had originally told my doctor would not be subject to the deductible. I appealed the decision and was denied by my insurance company.

Which sucks, since the insurance company originally told my doctor that I wouldn’t be subject to the deductible. I was told that I would have to pay $200 and instead, I  have to pay $800 instead.

Whatever Happened to "Tell it Like it Is"?

being straightforward is a good thing

While doing a little research for one of last week's !Klat articles, I came across yet another example of this subject.  A college student, whose parent is a well-known, well-respected person in this area, had held an under-aged drinking party on the family's property.  It was splattered all over the news, and resulted in some legal charges.  The student, in apologizing for the situation, said:  "I made a poor decision."  Further back, a middle-school student had swiped some of her mother's prescription medication, taken it to school, and distributed it to some other kids.  Some of the kids became seriously ill because of it.  That evening, a parent was on the local news, saying the girl "made a bad decision." 

Envy: From Childish to Dangerous

it seems there is a new way of looking at this topic

Although I'm one of those people who rarely pays attention to celebrities, I happened to notice this article (http://omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashians-bangs-love-hate-150924022.html) attached to today's Yahoo home page.  I essentially shrugged it off--  until I reached the comments section, where the comments ranged from snide to downright insulting.  While envy has probably been around since the world existed, in recent years it seems to have become acceptable.