December 2011

I Hate the Urban Dictionary

or- is that a 'choice'? it looks like a 'sandwich' to me

In the distant past, I always figured slang was nothing more nor less than peculiarities of generations--  kids using words in different ways to set themselves apart from their elders.  Later, I also found slang words, terms, and various colloquialisms are also common to various regions.  In both cases, the general idea is for people to be understood by other people who are like themselves.  

The Counterculture: Never Been There, Never Will

some call it a "lifestyle"

One thing I appreciate is finding topics that I am completely unfamiliar with from my own personal experiences.  When I hear about such things from individual people, my usual reaction is "You're kidding--  aren't you?!" even if I do not put it into those words.  When I read about it, though, it is quite different.  Such is the case with what is referred to as the "counterculture."  It is something I heard very little about before recent years, and it never affected me before.