November 2011

The English Language: Yes. Psychobabble: No.

"mean what you say, say what you mean, and tell it like it is"

If there is one thing I have come to despise in recent years, it's what is sometimes referred to as psychobabble--  the vocabulary popular in many "self-help" books, and amongst some of the general population.  It is annoying--  probably because I am familiar with the English language being used as it was intended.  


One word I've read, and heard tossed around, is 'control.'  Like most psychobabble, it is one of those terms I have been familiar with in an entirely different context--  either preceded by the word 'self-,' or perhaps when referring to something such as keeping one's dog off the couch.  I simply cannot relate to the word 'control' when referring to interactions between human beings.

Thanks, America.

Please start paying more attention to the American people than the huge corporations.

I am proud to be an American, but not proud of everything that the United States government has done in the name of freedom to countries across the world, and am not truthfully proud of how the American government lets some multi-national corporations walk all over the rights of the American people that support them. 

"Flaking is Only Acceptable if You Are a Pie Crust"

time is valuable

I've heard it is called "flaking"--  people who say they will do something, and don't;  people who say they are going to show up, and do not.  From my experiences, it is very rare that anyone ever has a legitimate reason for this kind of behavior.  They simply have no concern for how their irresponsibility affects others.  While it is something I rarely experienced before, in recent years it has affected everything from everyday life to work to other business.  It has ranged from minor inconvenience to near-disaster.

Mini-Sabotage: My Job Site Profiles Were Changed

Thanks for the help in the job search.

I am getting a little angry. Not incredibly angry, but a little. Someone has changed my job search criteria on four of the five job sites that I am listed on. Which means that instead of getting results in my field, I am getting results for companies wanting people who can do Electrical Engineering for them or other jobs that are not only outside of my comfort zone, are impossible for me to do.

I don’t think that I was the one who made the error when I checked the box with my numbers. I blog enough and send enough emails to know how to correctly check the right box. It’s not as if I’m dyslexic or have a hard time reading English.

Children Are People, Too

"People who have told their stories reported the same theme: it was all about Obedience. "

Frankly, I don't think there is anything I hate more than individuals who mistreat children. However, while I have always held this viewpoint, there is one aspect of it that I had never encountered until recent years. Even more important than my own opinions is although I'd read about the correlation between "most criminals were abused as children," I never read anything about this particular aspect of the problem. Perhaps it is something "the experts" missed.


In recent years, I've met countless numbers of people in all age groups who "went the wrong way" in life. When they told their stories, I was stunned to hear how they were treated as children. Although some used words like 'raised' and 'discipline,' there was something odd that I could not put my finger on until I heard the same kinds of stories from many, many people.