August 2011

The Facebook Freeze: A Horrible Reality for Many Facebookers

Where's the Facebook Love?


Many people new to Seattle are concerned about the so-called “Seattle-Freeze,” which is the idea that only Seattle natives can thrive in this hostile and wet environment and that “immigrants” from other American cities and towns can’t make friends here. As I wrote about HERE, the “Seattle Freeze” is a myth. Of late, I have uncovered a different kind of freeze. From here on out, I shall refer to it as the dreaded “Facebook Freeze.”

Open Letter to My Mom

Don't worry about me!

Dear Mom,


How are you? I’m not having the best day. 


Today I spilled the beans. OK, they were just the coffee beans. They were all over the floor along with the glass and splattered coffee after an unfortunate accident involving a Bodum and a hand gun. OK, there was no hand gun present, and I’m not exactly certain how the Bodum shattered, but it did. And it was absolutely terrifying. It’s hard being on your own.