May 2011

Report Rape: Have Your Life Ruined

This has been a difficult week for France, but hopefully a week that will mark a turning point in French culture.

Of course, the immediate effect of the news that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the IMF and potential future president of France, raped a maid in a New York hotel, was to A) blame the victim, and B) lionize the attacker. Same old, same old. She was probably asking for it, or she did it voluntarily and then had regrets, or she was straight up blackmailing him. Surely no woman would just, you know, be a rape victim! Not of a man so prominent!

American jerk Ben Stein was only one of many people questioning whether the maid was really raped. (Pretty much the kind of thing you'd expect from a man who is not only a Creationist, but an outspoken opponent of the very concept of evolution.)

Hey You, Your Face is Orange!

To the Oompa At the Gym

Open Letter to the Oompa at the Gym:


I know that you are probably the victim of a Ponzi scheme and want to feel better about yourself by making a good impression at the gym; first, I’d like to commend you on your boob job. Please do tell—who exactly was your surgeon?


And, your outfit was really, really cute. I didn’t realize that Pamela Anderson had a line of clothing out. Or is it Hugh Hefner’s line? It doesn’t matter; I’m sure I’ll hear all about it the next time I watch my new favorite TV show “Inside Edition.”


The Spin Cycle

A day in the life of a Zoning Officer

Every day in the zoning office is different, yet every day unfolds in exactly the same way.  Driving to work, I organize and prioritize the most important tasks that needs doing that day. I outline my daily goals. By the time I sit at my desk, java in my R.I.T. mug next to the phone, my day is ready to unfold- exactly as I planned it. Then I sip the bitter coffee and I'm ready. At that moment, the phone usually rings.  I begin to spin ever-so slowly, nothing to be worried about, I've been in this spin before. 

Good Bye, Chris.



I don’t know what to say. I woke up this morning and learned that one of my friends and one of the best people I’ve known died of a heart attack at a young age.


I’m angry right now and worried about his wife, who is only 30 years old. The two had a remarkable partnership, and were really a team. They were the kind of couple who annoyed people on Facebook because they weren’t shy about professing their admiration for each other in public and they never fought.


As a teaching team, both went out of their way to help their students. They started an Adventure club, took their students hiking, and introduced their students to the Wii, which is something newer in Korea. The door to their office was never shut to any student or co-worker and he was always happy to help.