February 2011

Etiquette and Manners: Is it OK to Snoop Through Someone's Medicine Cabinet?

What do you do when a friend rifles through your personal belongings and then gets angry at you?


We had company one night; a self-appointed spokeswoman for our little group took the initiative and invited everyone over to my place. Even though the place was kind of messy, I couldn’t retract her inivitation. I got home before anyone arrived; I quickly took a necessary precaution and attached a rubber band around my cabinets to prevent anyone from nosing through my personal belongings in the medicine cabinet which included: birth control, prescription meds, tangled jewelry, nail polish, and a variety of bags from my travels filled with currency, personal notes, and odds and ends.

Avoid Getting Conned at the Gas Station: Never Swipe Twice

We Got Ripped Off in the Desert

I was down in the desert in 120 degrees sweltering heat and wind—every time I went outside, it felt like a  giant hairdryer was just behind me with the heat turned up about seven notches too high. My husband and I were visiting his sick grandmother at the time and made regular trips between the air-conditioned mall, her air-conditioned condo, and the also air-conditioned (but less cheery) convalescent center where she was recuperating from surgery. We felt like we were DOING THE RIGHT THING, but our self-righteous feelings didn’t necessarily make the trip all that enjoyable.


Short Bitch List # 427

3 Things that Bug Me Now

I haven’t given myself the ultimate pleasure of writing a bitch list lately; maybe I’ve been too busy or maybe my life’s been too good lately, but I feel like something is missing whenever I don’t take the time to count the things that I am ungrateful for. (Yes, you can call me the anti-spirit of Thanksgiving if you really feel like it, but you wouldn’t be quite accurate—I also count my blessings on alternate Tuesdays around 4:20.)


The Magic of Clothes: How Did My Beige Collar Turn Orange?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was about the magic buttons of certain buttons when used correctly. Since then, I’ve read about the magical powers of the invisibility cloak in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, but I’ve never actually encountered any magical pieces of clothing or buttons. Until last weekend, that is.