January 2011

My Bank is Playing with My Money: Not Cool

When I was younger and played Scruples for fun with my family, I never understood why anyone would give the money back after a bank error. I still don’t. Luckily (or unluckily as the case may be), I NEVER have to worry about that. I’ve never had a bank error in my favor in my whole entire life. EVER. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s almost as if the banks have something against me.


You’re Inconvenienced, Are You?

I’m a little tired of smokers complaining that they can’t smoke in restaurants (while the rest of us are trying to eat without gagging over the smell) and other, non-designated spots. Where I live, it’s still legal to smoke in most places—including bars, outside the store, and pretty much anywhere there’s not a no-smoking sign. That’s a lot of area you can cover—too much, in fact, considering that smokers are only inhaling 15% of what they’re dragging on, and puffing the other 85% in everyone else’s face.

So when I prefer to do things at my home rather than anyone else’s it’s not because I don’t want to visit people’s houses; it’s because we can’t stand the smoke. And I’m tired of being told to get over this.

Editorial or Note to Stupid Hipsters who Beg for Beer and Pot Money on the Street:


Hey, Hipsters. I have a question for you. Why should I give you my hard-earned money when you are too lazy to work?


Your clothes are nicer than mine, your stupid little hand-woven hat retails for $40, you still have enough spare cash on hand to make little novelty purchases like your f-ing gnome, and you aren’t even creative enough to write an unusual sign. Despite your show of racial diversity, I am unlikely to offer you handouts or choose to feed you for free even if you're not a Trustafarian.


The Smooth Jazz Invasion

Don’t get me wrong, I like NPR and I like the news programming on NPR because it makes me feel superior to the blathering masses who only listen to FOX news; however, the good programming and news does nothing to make up for the wimpy, smooth jazz that my local NPR station seems to favor every single day. I do understand that jazz is the medium for the more advanced or erudite musicians, but that doesn’t mean it makes for a good or all that peaceful Saturday morning.

This Economy Sucks!

I keep hearing the Steve Miller band in my head: So, I’m working real hard, and I’m trying to find a job, but it just gets tougher every day.

It’s a refrain that keeps re-playing over and over in my head and for some strange reason, resonates with me in this economy. It doesn’t help that the there is a tough squeeze in the economy and I feel raped by everyone from the local grocer to the oil change place down the street (where I recently had to pay $90 for an oil change).

Feds Should Mandate Snow Days Off

I know my friends in Minnesota and similar areas, where snow is pretty much a daily occurrence for a large portion of the year, are going to scoff at this, but hear me out. In places where snow is not a daily thing and we don’t have snow tires or SUVs or whatever to be equipped to deal with it—and, instead, snow happens every few weeks throughout the winter—people should just be able to stay home to be safe.

I’m not saying this should even happen throughout the duration of the snow—just until the plows get to hit the streets and it’s made safe to drive. The fact that my friend—and every driver around her—nearly died on the way to work today makes me beyond incensed.

And the fact that her employer threatened to fire her if she didn’t come in makes me even more pissed off.

Body Language and Understanding People

Observing people’s body language along with understanding how people are is somewhat important to me. For most of my lifetime, I have come across many people that may seem like they’re “this” and “that,” but in reality, sometimes they may portray themselves as a totally different person. Right? That is why it is very important to really read people’s body language and understand what their motives mean. I believe that we all go through life observing and understanding other individual’s actions more then words. Doesn’t that make sense? I do believe that “actions speak louder then words.”

Let’s All be NICE!

I honestly don’t think it is very hard to be NICE, right? I mean….I believe that I am a complete “sweetheart” and very NICE as well. Those are some of my great qualities as a woman and individual. I am sure there is a “nice-ness” in everybody, but you truly need to shine on the inside before exuding your “nice” self on the outside for the world to see. That seems a bit right, doesn’t it?

Mind your own Business!

You know what?! I cannot stand people who will not….mind their own dam business! Really…is it that hard to not mind your own business and to not “meddle” in other people’s affairs? I am so dead serious. When it comes to “intruding” in other people’s privacy, it crosses the line. I mean….god dam…what happened to the “respect?”

2010 is Finally Over!!!!!

If I told you I hated to complain, you wouldn’t believe me since all I do (well, maybe not all I do) is write on this blog complaining about the little shitty things that happen to me—writing is cheaper than therapy and it doesn’t bother my friends so much if I write here instead of constantly bitching and moaning to them to their faces. Looking back over the past year, I’m glad it’s over. In fact, I’m actually glad that the decade is over.

Family Secrets: "To Tell or not to tell?"

Family secrets can be very hard to keep inside or….very hard to tell openly. Don’t you think? What happened to me about two days ago was going to change my life…forever. My really close cousin from out of town came to visit my family and I for the holidays and New Years. It was very nice to see my cousin since I haven’t seen him for at least 5 years. So it was really such “great news” that he flew from Denver, CO to Seattle to visit for a good few days. Seeing family over the holidays can feel so heart-warming, nice, sweet, and most importantly, beautiful.