December 2010

Do “Blondes” have more fun?

I think this statement is soooooo……overrated and absolutely ridiculous. I believe that “blondes” can have fun, but how about other people who don’t have “blonde” hair? Right?? I am a dark, haired Asian beauty…and absolutely proud of not only my hair color…but my heritage as well. I believe that wherever we were born, raised, taught, etc…people should not “generalize” or “judge” other individuals by the “color” of their hair. It is dumb. Honestly, who gives a dam? Pardon my language, but I find it very absurd that others may think that “blondes” have more fun. It is a very “untrue” statement, yet alone very “judgmental” too.

Don't Zombie-fy My Kid

During Halloween, I bore witness to so many parents making their children into “zombies” with a Photoshop-type program. Throughout December, I’ve seen even more make their families into elves with the excruciatingly annoying “elf-yourself” program. Whatever; I don’t really care what you do with your family photos, how lame you make yourself look, or what you call “fun.” Sure, it’s just a picture, but I’m just not into it.

Sibling Rivalry and “Jealousy”

Have you ever been put in a position where you felt your own sibling will try so hard to act as the “better” sibling? Folks…if you do, think about that question for one moment. How did that make you feel on the inside? Did the thought of it hurt or made you angry? Or a “sinking” feeling that your sibling could have jealousy issues? The many lists of reasons could go on…..and on.

People are Stupid, I Want to be a Cat.

It is days like today when I feel like saying “People are stupid, I want to be a cat.” Cats are known to sleep one third of their life away. In my daily life, I consider sleeping merely a favorite past time activity.

When I was a little kid, I remember waking up in the morning and my cat was curled up at the foot of my bed. I would yawn and stretch and then I would pet him absentmindedly and hop out of bed. As I picked out my clothes for school, he would take his sweet time waking up. He knew the only thing he had to wake up for was breakfast.

No Happy Hour= No Tip

Recently at a restaurant where I used to dine, the small group I was with was informed that there was no happy hour until later despite the prominently-displayed sign in the front window of the semi-fine dining establishment indicating otherwise.


We asked the waitress why. Which was not really all that weird of a thing to do, considering the fact that happy hour had brought us into the restaurant in the first place and because we were happy hour regulars as well.


Embarrassing Moment #223: Speaking Thai in a Thai Restaurant

Embarrassing moment #223 happened last night when I was  eating at a late night Thai restaurant- I believe the name of the restaurant was Thai 24-7 and was supposedly a place to eat "greasy Thai" and drink cheap beer.

I greeted the waitress with a bit of Thai in hopes of showing off my Thai language skills. It didn't work out quite as well as I had anticipated.

She replied that she was not Thai. I then tried to order everyone  beer because I had promised that the next round of drinks was on me. She  reported to me that there was no beer.