November 2010

Turning 21: A big deal?

I remembered when I turned 21. Many people think that when you turn 21, it’s a big deal. Why the big deal? Age is just a number. It’s kind of funny. Of course, the legal age to drink is 21. You have to be 21 to enter a bar. You can legally purchase alcohol too. And many clubs accept only 21 years old and up. It just depends what kind of club you head into. I don’t really understand the fuss of many underage drinkers and teenagers who whine about turning 21 so they can have a lot more legal freedom. I totally understand that. The time will come when you turn 21 to do all that! So there really is no point of complaining. Please.

Bitch Alert on High!


Sometimes I think the forces that be—however he, she, or they work—must have an incredible sense of humor. Or something. My reality warps in and out on occasion—I can’t help it—I attribute it to an overactive imagination and a belief system that encompasses less of the spiritual and more of the weird. I have a strange refusal to accept the most coincidental elements as coincidences.


Whatever the cause may be, November (re-named Movember for adventurous mousetache-growing fundraisers) has been the month of “Bitch Encounters”. Not be-atches who are fun-loving, but good old-fashioned bitches who are unafraid to act bizarrely in confrontations with perfect strangers in honor of their own bitchiness and their own (less than honorable) causes.


Enough with the Religion Talk!

There are millions of people in this world that follow a religion. I was born into a Catholic faith background. When I was a young girl, I was taught to go to Sunday school, read the Bible, and attending church. As I got older, my thoughts on my religious faith changed. I know some people that follow a certain religion. I respect that. I consider myself to be more on the spiritual side. My friend was confirmed a Catholic a few months ago because she was expected by her boyfriend’s family to do so. In order for my friend to marry her boyfriend in the future, she must be converted into the Catholic religion. I understand her point of view. I don’t have anything against religion. It is your choice to follow a certain religion. But honestly, I can’t stand people who have to breathe down religion down my neck!

My Eyelashes Were Cut and I Survived to Tell the Tale

I have the strangest things happen to me sometimes and I am not sure why. I went to a little beauty shop down the street the other day for some good old-fashioned eyebrow waxing. (I understand in theory that eyebrow plucking is something that I could do myself and save myself tons of money, but I am deeply allergic to pain, so prefer to leave it to the pros.)


Stop the Bullying!

Bullying is one of the top concerns in public schools today. It can manifest in the form of physical or verbal abuse. It is very common that in many public schools across the nation young children and teenagers are being bullied each day.

I took my friend to her doctor’s appointment yesterday and while waiting in the lobby area I watched The Ellen Degeneres Show. The show featured a very interesting topic on “bullying.” The talk-show host also had a special guest to discuss in-depth about this disturbing topic. The special guest was Madonna.

B*tch in the Bathroom


I had an altercation in the bathroom last night over a truly important topic: my shirt.  I was out and about getting a drink with a few people and had to use the ladie’s room.  The small restroom was overcrowded—there was a girl primping at the sink and there was another girl in the only available stall.


I waited, did my business, and exited the stall; I had high hopes that I could wash my hands and get out quickly before more people entered and cramped my space and my mojo. It wasn’t to be.


Sarah Palin=Not Killer

While sitting in a soccer bar, trying out a new beer, I was introduced to a different sort of guy—he talked about everything from motorcycle racing to Sarah Palin—I listened to how he got started with motorcycle racing, heard about his “killer” life and got into a “discussion”---really more of an enjoyable argument—with him about Sarah Palin.

It was nice to talk to someone who wasn’t so upset about his life:

“So, I met Tyler and started racing and it was killer.”

“Next, ten years of my life, I spent with a bitch, and it was half killer.”