October 2010

Must we be “Jealous” of one another?

             In today’s society, it is common for an individual to create inner emotions of thoughts and feelings. Whether it is fear, anxiety, insecurities, or loss in a relationship, friendship, or even love, humans will experience some sort of jealousy. Many of these emotions may consist in anger, sadness, revenge, disgust, and even hate. In every human relationship that we are exposed to, it is very normal to feel a certain inner jealousy characteristic inside. I remember a perfect example when my sister and I were both younger; she would always want to act like a “goody-two-shoes” in front of my parents. I did get a bit jealous because she was receiving more attention from my parents. We are about three years apart, so jealousy was a bit of an issue when we were children. As we got older, the jealousy between each other was gone.

What happened to manners people?

            I’m sure all of us in our lifetime as a child were taught table manners. Sound familiar? Well, how about treating people with respect? I came to pick up my best friend at her house in the evening to head out to a nice, swanky sushi and bar restaurant. Since it was a Friday evening, there were packs of cars on the road. When we arrived at the plaza where the restaurant was located at we noticed the parking lots were pretty much full. I circled around the parking area that was closest to the restaurant, but knew finding one would be impossible. So we decided to park in the QFC parking lot not too far from the sushi restaurant.

            As we approached some empty parking spaces, we parked perfectly next to a mini-family van. I noticed a white SUV was waiting to park next to us. Since my friend saw the vehicle approaching next to us, she closed the car door to let the car in. As I got out of the driver’s side of my car to help assist my friend with her baby stroller in the back trunk, a Caucasian woman came out of the SUV. My friend opened the back car door to let herself out along with her almost 6-month-old son. The Caucasian woman took one long stare at us and asked my friend, “Were you born here?” The back seat door was in her way when she asked that question with my friend not being aware of her presence. Then the woman asked my friend in a very rude, bitter, and disrespectful tone to move the car door. My friend and I exchanged looks of “Huh, what is her problem?”

Warning to Trolls


Think before you send your vicious comments to writers or public figures on the Internet- while you may believe you can hide behind privacy laws and the first amendment for anything nasty and unwarranted you deem necessary to post, that may no longer be the case. As Slate reports, Carla Franklin sued her trolls after, “being repeatedly called a whore.” Now, the rude commenter will have to reveal his (or her) identity to the world.

Is Your Information Safe on Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites?

Are social networking sites such as Facebook safe? How protected is yo ur personal information? Technorati reports that as many as 9 million Americans each year are the victims of identity theft; unfortunately, many of the perpetrators use information from individual Facebook accounts in order to steal your identity. PC World reports that approximately a third of Facebook users have at least three pieces of information on their accounts which can be used by criminals intending to steal a person’s identity.

The Poisoned Chalice

Last year, a woman that I had known and liked previously made a rather strange comment: she told me that I had received a poisoned chalice and it was my decision to figure out what to do with it.  Since I am not living in King Arthur’s Court, I thought the comment was a tad strange.

I didn’t understand her comment and put it to general weirdness on her part or maybe a little malicious intent towards me because of God knows what and I didn’t think of it much after that.

I think I understand more now.

Gay Teen Suicide - Don't Do It!

It was roughly a week ago when I was on Facebook and noticed there was a message up about gay teen suicide. It was a video from Ellen, Americas token lesbian, that was actually pretty touching. It had been posted and reposted by friends and now it seems the whole issue has blossomed into a campaign. I don't know where it all started - or why - but this is an issue that is becoming too fashionable for my tastes. Don't get me wrong - I don't believe anyone should take their own life - especially innocent kids - but the way it is being treated is like this is something new - and it is absolutely not.

Some Chick Just Dropped a Beer Pong Table on my Toe

You will not believe what happened to me last weekend- (or maybe you will- I’m not sure- it all depends on what kind of people you’ve been exposed to). I was visiting someone in another town for a birthday extravaganza with a friend. I wasn’t that close to the birthday boy, but had met him before. The party got started early and everyone was having a rocking time until everyone gathered at a sports bar to watch some football and celebrate more.