August 2010

4-ish Reasons to Like James Cameron

With all of the sexism surrounding his film Avatar (among many other issues with it—including his own interview stating that, though the creatures weren’t mammals, the heroine “had to have tits”), I’ve begun to question just how much I like James Cameron. I always thought he was pretty visionary, using unique ideas and female heroines…but wait—his ideas really aren’t so unique, and his heroines are sometimes pretty stereotyped. That said, like most people, he has his redeeming qualities. I tried to come up with ten, and then just five, but sadly, I could only think of four. Here they are.

4. Avatar

Money- The Bane of My Existence


The root of all evil. The bane of my existence. What to do? If I stay here, work, and go to school, then I am poor. Poverty-stricken in a city minutes away from the likes of Bill Gates whose toothbrush probably costs more than my car. But if I succuumb to the temptation to travel, to leave the city, or pursue a different life then I am stuck at the end even broker than I was before, regretting my decisions, and unsure of what has happened.

Dirty Laundry on Facebook

I’ve had many complaints about the social network giant Facebook lately, I know. I don’t know if I’m just sick of it—or if what it has slowly become has made me sick. (I did get sick from the heat over the weekend, but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with Facebook.) There are a lot of hate groups, a lot of whiny people, and a lot of negative comments on the site that I would much rather stay away from, thank you very much.

What do you do when life dishes you a crap sandwich?

If I believed in biblical things, I would say that this is the time of Job in my life, but on a much-smaller scale. Maybe I am operating under the principle of Murphy’s Law, which states that, “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.” I’ve decided to take a cautiously optimistic approach to life and my spell of minor troubles and believe that if the universe is indeed dishing me a few too many sides of bad luck, I’m going to take it as a semi-positive sign and believe that at least I am somewhat important- being totally ignored by the Fates would be worse, wouldn’t it?