July 2010

I Don't Need any Frenemies!

I have a lot of bile to spew out lately, but I’ll to restrain myself at least somewhat.  I’m going to focus on  a big pet peeve in my life. I’m pretty disgusted with people who seem to want to be my friend for whatever reason and truthfully don’t even like me.

Life is short- why befriend people you don’t like? I’m not saying that these people have to declare me their sworn enemy because it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Some people click and some people don’t.

Leo Gallagher is a Bigot (Among Other Things)

I never was a fan of the comedian Gallagher. Maybe it’s the complete waste of food; maybe it’s just that he really wasn’t that funny. I used to get highly offended when my father, who didn’t know one comedian from the next, inquired if this man was whom I was referring to when I spoke of George Carlin. “Um, no, Dad!” I would exclaim, exasperated. Carlin was my favorite comedic genius; Gallagher was more akin to Carrot Top and Paul Reuben—a novelty for some, a minor annoyance for others.

BP: A wicked business

It is a wicked business to try to suffocate the truth. A most wicked business is when a private concern gets the assistance of government to put a choke hold on truth seekers. BP continues to try to hide, with the government's assistance, the extent of its damaged to the Gulf's ecosystem. and it has done dirty rotten thing elsewhere too. In Texas, at its oil BP refinery in Texas City, where an explosion allegedly caused by the negligence of BP management took the lives of fifteen people.

The Huffington Post reports that this past weekend, at the behest of a BP security official. a photographer from ProPublica was locked up behind bars for taking photos of a BP refinery.

BP: Master of Misinformation

What day is this? Another day when BP's gushing, busted oil well is polluting the waters, shorelines and beaches of America.

In the news this morning the shocking report that BP has not been candid with regulators! Shocking! Shocking! Shocking! Shocking to whom? Federal regulators, the gullible.

GOP Partying On

Senate Republicans have gone home to party for the 4th of July. They've taken a whole week off from work. One of the last things they did was to filibuster the unemployment benefits extension; bill, which passed the House by a wide margin. The GOP Senators are leaving 1.3 million Americans hanging, the number may be 1.7 million by the end of the week. What does the GOP care, if those long term unemployed Americans go without? The GOP senators will have their backyard barbecues.

Press reports say the Democrats have called Republicans on their callousness: "I challenge you to look people in the eye and tell them that you voted no," said Representative John Lewis (D-GA). "Tell them as they swallow their pride that you don't care."