June 2010

BP Is Not Better

The Tropical Storm Alex is expected to be bumped back up to a hurricane, and is expected to delay the clean work on the BP oil spill in the US Gulf Coast. See the video.

BP has been claiming all along that it has the fool proof solution to stop the run-a-way gusher from its busted well -- drill a relief well, and then pump heavy mud through it into the leaking well. The New York Times (NYT) reports that the feds have asked BP THE Question -- The question I have been wanting to ask: What if that doesn't work, then what?

Belgium Gets Serious

The pope is ticked off with Belgium. Belgium is taking its duty to protect its young seriously, and is not offering special treatment to the Catholic Church. The police are investigating recent claims of child sexual abuse by predatory priests. According to a news report: Last week, Belgian police raided the home of a retired bishop, opened the grave of at least one archbishop, in their search for hidden documents, and detained Belgium's nine current serving bishops as they met, seizing their mobile phones and only releasing them after nine hours. Pope Benedict is having a fit. He called the raids 'deplorable' and demanded that he and the Catholic Church have role in investigating abusers in its ranks.

Bad News Gets Worse 2

Hurricane season is upon us. The Associated Press reports that the Coast Guard is making preparations for what could he a hurricane. on its way to the BP oil spill area. A hurricane would stop all work in the area to contain the spill. Oil  could be back gushing again at full force, and a hurricane could carry the oil slick all the way up the East Coast. See the video.

BP reports that its effort to drill a relief well, which BP tells the world will stop their runaway gusher, is on target for completion by the middle of August! BP says it has to drill through 2 1/2 miles of rock. In the meantime, millions and millions more gallons of oil will have polluted the Gulf.

My Kid Isn't Your Buddy

Please stop calling my child, “Buddy.”

I get that you don’t know if she is a girl or a boy because she has short hair, glasses, and chooses to dress in the clothes that she picks out (sporty t-shirts, anything with dinosaurs, plain blue or green patterns) rather than the ones that well-meaning relatives provide for her (princess-themed shirts, skorts, pink frilly things) as gifts. We let her choose, and we are completely happy with her interests and the way she chooses to express herself.

But you don’t have to label her just to make yourself comfortable with who she is. Then you start asking questions that relate to her as “buddy” and not “princess” or “sweetie,” as you might call a girl child. I hear you ask the girls if they like a certain princess, tell them how pretty their dresses are or their hair is. “What a pretty girl!”

bad news gets worse

The news from the Gulf has not really gotten much better. Today, Wednesday, it got worse. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of gallons oil is gushing unchecked into the Gulf of Mexico, as BP has trouble with the containment cap of its gadget, which was trapping some if the oil. BP says it will get the problem fix. Oh sure.

The Associated Press reports, "Before the problem with the containment cap, it had collected about 700,000 gallons of oil in the previous 24 hours. Another 438,000 gallons was burned." That's 1.238 million gallons a day coming to the surface. How much was lost in the Gulf? The Associated Press reports "The current worst-case estimate of what's spewing into the Gulf is about 2.5 million gallons a day. Anywhere from 67 million to 127 million gallons have spilled since the April 20 explosion "

Corrupt Judge? Crooked Decision? Stupid decision.

The Associated Press reports, "A judge in New Orleans has blocked a 6-month moratorium on new deep water drilling projects, but the fight isn't over. The White House has promised to quickly appeal the ruling."

Considering the BP oil spill, considering the ecological damages, considering the the government does not have in place a regime to check deep water drilling operations for safety, a six-month drilling moratorium is in the public interest, and the federal judge who lifted the moratorium is either deaf, dumb, and blind, or something else --

Is he a corrupt judge? Does he run a crooked court? Does he sits on a rotten bench? Does he bring honest justice -- or brought justice? Was he looking out for the public interest, or is he a New Orleans style judge, who takes care of the interest of his bank account first?

World Cup 2010- Should FIFA Have Instant Replays?

Most Americans had never heard of Mali until Koman Coulibaly disallowed a US goal in their World Cup match against Slovenia last week.  Koman Coulibaly gained fame (and quite possibly infamy) after the game- he refused to specify exactly how the US fouled or why exactly the goal was called back.

The call during the US-Slovenia match was not the only controversial call surrounding the World Cup and FIFA. According to Salon, Martin Hansson cried when he found out he missed the Thierry Henry hand ball that sent France to the World Cup over Ireland.

Baron of the Oil Slick

The British Queen should give British Petroleum's CEO, Mr. Tony Hayward at least a baronage. He acts the part of a high lord. The English Queen is up there in years and maybe, perhaps, awarding a title to Mr. Hayward may have slipped her mind. My mentioning of this obvious oversight by her Majesty of the United Kingdom is in no way meant to be a criticism of that high born lady. Who am I to criticize royalty? I am but an American peasant, from a country of over three hundred million peasants, none of whom have titles, and very few desires them. Britain, as we Americans are often reminded by the British press and the Anglo-American lobby, is our closest ally. And so, I have decided to assist our ally's queen, by referring to the BP CEO as Lord Hayward, the Baron Hayward of the Oil Slick. These posts are sent into the cybersphere and whether they reach English royal eyes -- well..

Tired of Bad News

The Associated Press reports, "Vast amounts of natural gas contained in crude escaping from the blown Gulf of Mexico oil well could pose a serious threat to marine life by creating 'dead zones' where oxygen is so depleted that nothing lives."

I and about millions of other people are looking forward to the day when there is no more bad news coming from the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of us are sick and tired of hearing about British Petroleum. We don't want to see anymore pictures of dead and dying oil soaked wildlife, or listen to a fisherman tell his sad story about what has happened to fishing. We wish this story of the biggest oil spill and ecological disaster in recent US history would just go away.

US World Cup 2010 News- Slovenia Got Very Lucky With a Bad Call

I’ve watching the World Cup from the United States and am realizing that my own ignorance of the game is no less than certain officials in the matches. As I watched the US take on Slovenia and make an AMAZING come-back from a two-zero lead in the second half of the game today, I realized how arbitrary many of the so-called official  calls are- there seems to be no standards for what exactly constitutes a foul as the players on the international stage take flop after flop and get calls for sometimes absolutely nothing.

Small People Hate BP Too

Okay, BP has said okay to coughing up $20 billion for an escrow fund. But will put the money in over several years. The funds are supposed to pay compensation to people and businesses harmed by BP huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The details of the fund are yet to be worked out.

Okay, BP spokesman, its chairman, Svanberg, apologized. "We care about the small people. I hear comments sometimes that large oil companies are greedy companies or don't care, but that's not the case with BP. We care about the small people."

Coast Guard to BP: Get it Done Already!

What is the latest with British Petroleum? The US Coast Guard has demanded, says the Associated Press, that BP step up its efforts to contain the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the weekend, telling the British oil giant that its slow pace in stopping the spill is becoming increasingly alarming. Yeah.

The Brits this weekend, their Prime Minister, told our President to ease up. The President should have told that Brit to shut up. Well, the Brits are out allies, aren't they? So maybe the Pres should have told that Brit is a nice way to bug off. That's a nice British phrase, "to bug off, mates."

Oil is still fouling up our beaches, killing our wild life, posing a risk to the health of Americans, and to the economy. The Coast Guard is demanding? Asking? Pleading? Telling ? Suggesting? Begging with British Petroleum to please pick up the pace. Please, BP?

Brits to America: Shut up!

Now more on the busted well in the Gulf of Mexico which is still gushing oil --

Yesterday, the British Prime Minister, the Honorable Mr. David Cameron, announced that he plans to discuss with our President by telephone today, Saturday, that America's reaction to the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf, along the Gulf coastal states, and that threatens East Coast states, is producing a rift that is growing between his county's and ours over our countrymen's criticism of the "well's owner," British Petroleum, which of course he prefers to call them just  BP, and not British Petroleum!

No, I Won't Love That, Thank You Very Much

Today I had these words of wisdom from a dental receptionist upon hearing that my previous dentist no longer worked at this particular location: “You’ll have Dr. So-and-so. You’ll love him!”

All of this from a two-minute conversation to schedule an appointment? You should be a psychic!

I don’t mean to come down hard on this one person (whom I’ve never even met—which is the point, really), though, when everyone does this. I’ve even done this, I’m sure. I think I try to limit it to people I do know, though—for example, telling my sister that she will love the new Neil Gaiman novel when I know, or at least I’m 99.99% sure, that I’m right—rather than complete strangers.

BP Plays the Brit Card?

So what now BP? The Brit card? Yes, to point out what a crumby and shabby way BP has treated us is now considered an attack on Britain, our closest ally? Yeah, to point out that BP thus far has done more harm to the United States economically and ecologically than Bin Laden has done is now a smear against a long friend, the United Kingdom? BP has gotten so low now that it is playing the Brit card. To criticize BP is now to criticize Britain? What next BP? A strong letter from England's queen?

Last night CBS News ran commentary from its London contributor, Mr. Peter Allen, who defended BP and attacked America's justifiable and angry, strong response to the way BP has been mishandling the crisis in the Gulf, caused by BP's busted oil well leak. See the video.

BP: More Crud Everyday

Every day the BP gang seems crudder and crudder. BP's guide for company spokespeople dealing with oil spills surfaced today on the Internet thanks to  TPMMuckraker. The guide calls for company spokespeople to down play the size and extent of an oil spill, and not to promise "that property, ecology, or anything else will be restored to normal." The guide is part of BP's June 2009 Gulf of Mexico Regional Oil Spill Response Plan, made available by the Minerals Management Service.

BP's PR Offensive

Now what's the latest from the geniuses at BP?

BP CEO Tony Hayward, the Brit, America now just hates, is offering atonement to those affected by the oil spill. He hasn't gone on Opr

ah or on Jay Leno. He has purchased millions of dollars worth of television advertisement time and has begun BP's Offensive against its bad news. A bad news offensive.

The BP PR Offensive is offensive and is a waste of money. The millions in advertising dollars spent to put out its best face is just making its face look worse. That BP money would have been better spent in the clean up, and in reimbursing people along the coast whose livelihood has been harmed by BP's negligence.

People want the oil stopped not a BP paid, false and phony apology. BP CEO Tony Hayward may go down in history as one of the dumbest business executives in world history.