May 2010

Bring In Andrew Jackson?

BP's  'Top Kill' maneuver to stop the so-called leak --  the gusher -- gushing oil from a busted well, polluting the Gulf of Mexico with million of gallons of crude --is not working. BP says, it needs more time. BP is asking for another 48 hours. Then BP says, it will try something else. This is the worst oil spill in US history. See the video.

'Top Kill" Underway?

BP so-called  "top kill" operation is underway, and the country is waiting for the results. There is a chance this may fail, and then what? There is a chance that it might work. See the video.

Whatever, there is no chance that off shore oil drilling will be the same for the near future. I was one of those who believed that is was possible to drill off shore. Now I am convinced that we just can't trust the oil companies to drill safely.

Though BP says it will clean up its mess, it is, and has been from the start, making noises, that signal, that it has no intention of fully doing so. It lied about the size of the spill to limit its liability. It attempted to hide evidence of the scope of the damage that it is doing to Gulf.

Rand Paul, Soft on BP

The BP Oil slick has reached the Louisiana coast and the  residents are peeved. They are targeting their anger toward BP. As they should. See the Video.

This brings me to Rand Paul's comments this morning on Good Morning America. Mr. Paul criticized President Obama for being too tough on BP. He  said that President Obama's criticism of BP was "really un-American."

Oil Slick: Economic Impact

The BP Oil slick economic impact spans the country. See Video. The heavy oil now polluting the Louisiana's coast is hitting the fisherman very hard. Many are out of work.

CBS reports "Those who make their living along the Gulf Coast were the first to be impacted by the massive and still growing oil spill there. But, as CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports, the ripple effect now extends throughout the country."

 BP still doesn't know how to stop the leak, and the government apparently doesn't either. It may take a month pr llonger before the well is capped.  BP keeps promising a fix next week. Next week comes and BP promises a fix for the following week. Whenever the leak stops, hopefully we won't have to wait until the well runs dry, the affect of the spill on wildlife and the fishing industry could last for decades.

John Edwards Should Kick Himself

The disgrace pol  John Edwards, a one-time political light -- political light? Him? That light weight  -- Well, John Edward -- Didn't he have a sex tape made of himself and his mistress while he was seeking the nomination for President? --  John Edwards is looking for a plea deal, reports The National Enquirer. The National Enquirer?  Is he a space alien too? He's being covered by the National Enquirer!  --John Edward is looking to cop a plea that will allow him to avoid the slammer. He  allegedly used campaign funds to support his mistress Rielle Hunter.

It's the story of greed.

This past Sunday, CBS’s 60 Minutes reported that they have uncovered evidence that the human  tragedy, with the immediate loss of eleven lives when the BP oil well exploded, the environmental tragedy, that continues, and the economic hardship to the Gulf coastal and fishing industries, are  the  results of BP executives trying to make more money. CBS reports that BP was behind schedule on the drilling of the well, so the Deepwater Horizon was told to speed things up on the schedule.. Check the videos below of  the 60 Minutes  report on the oil spill.

Harry Reid, the US Senate Majority Leader, responding to the CBS evidence,  said on the Senate floor, yesterday, Monday,  during the Senate debate on  financial reform, that it was greed that led to BP oil spill -- oil gushing unchecked -- in the Gulf of Mexico."

Oil Slick Keeps Coming

Time has long passed to take everything that BP says at face value. BP announced that it has made some progress with a mile long tube, a doodad, which is sucking some of the oil gushing from it broken well in the Gulf up to  a waiting tanker.

At this time BP says the news is encouraging, but "there's no assurance the risky maneuver will pan out. Company executives said it was still too early to say what percentage of the oil and gas is being captured."

Another week of oil leaks?

We're beginning another week and the leak, or the uncapped gusher, of oil from the BP well in the Gulf has not been stopped, and the BP massive oil slick keeps growing. The video shows the  oil  slick polluting  the coastline of Louisiana's Breton Sound wildlife preserve. Blind bay, Redfish Bay, Garden Island Bay and East Bay have all been contaminated  by the oil slick. See video.

News reports say that the Coast Guard and thousands of helpers and volunteers are doing what they can with booms and sandbags. But the sea waves have torn the sand bags to pieces, and most of the oil is as much as 18 inches underwater, and  booming and skimming won't stop the slick. The shifting tides and the heavy weather conditions aren't helping the shore defenders. Controlled burning the oil is out of the question because of the winds.

Fox News: Mr. Rogers is Evil

The other day I ran across a video of Fox News (which is really an oxymoron, when you think about it) folks dissing one of my heroes—the awesome Mr. Fred Rogers. Not only did they say that he was to blame for children growing up feeling as if they are “entitled” to everything and not working hard; they also flat out called him an evil man.

This is the same station that hails people who should be arrested for war crimes as heroes, calling one of the most generous, kind children’s rights advocates “evil.” Yes, we definitely know where your priorities are, Fox News.

Leak Far Worse Than Reported

BP started out telling us that 1,000 barrels of oil a day were leaking from its Gulf well. Then the government took a look at an independent study of the size of the surface oil slick, and of what the leak was visibly doing to the environment, and agreed with that study's estimate that 5,000 barrels a day were leaking. And over the strong objection by BP, put out the figure that 5, 000 not 1,000 barrels of oil were leaking into the Gulf everyday. Then came the BP company's video of the leak. The video shows a massive amount of oil gushing into the Gulf. BP fought the release of the video and only after government and media pressure was the video released. After watching the video, scientist estimated that the true rate of leakage is in the 20, 000 to 25, 000 barrels a day range. A barrel of oil contains forty two gallons. Do the math.

The leak keeps going on and on

The oil keeps leaking into the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. If one would guess that BP hasn't a clue as to how to stop this leak, at this point, one would probably be right. Of course, the BP folks are still trying to come up with something. To remind the world just how hard its trying, yesterday BP equated its efforts to the amount of dollars that it has spent, is spending and maybe have to spend -- if it doesn't get a government bail out, by way of government dollars spent to help with the clean up.

Oil Slicks Fail

As of this moment, oil is still leaking from the BP well in the Gulf, the oil slick is stilling killing wildlife and is threatening human beings, and will continue to do so for a while. Because BP seems to be just guessing as to how to stop the leak. And today, Tuesday, two Senate committees, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Environment and Public Works Committee, are scheduled to get face time, and a larger than usual TV audience as they hold hearings on the Gulf oil spill.

Three big time slicks, Lamar McKay, president of BP America Inc (BP.L), the well owner,  Steven Newman, president of Transocean Ltd (RIGN.S) , the drilling rig owner, and Tim Probert, a senior executive at Halliburton Co (HAL.N), the company that serviced the rig,  get to sit in the respective committees hot seats.

Bad Screeening & Body Scanners

Item in the news this morning -- "A security screener at Miami International Airport has been charged with aggravated battery for attacking a co-worker with a baton, apparently after months of being ridiculed about his private parts."

"Screener Rolando Negrin's private body parts were observed by his Transportation Security Administration colleagues conducting training on the airport's full-body imaging machines," reports the Miami Herald. "Months of joking culminated on Tuesday night, when Negrin attacked co-worker Hugo Osorno in an employee parking lot, according to an arrest report." According to the Herald, Negrin "stated he could not take the jokes any more and lost his mind."

Oil Spill: Human Health Risk

Good Grief! At this moment the BP well in the Gulf is still leaking oil. The slick is getting larger and has reached shore. Health officials are saying that even if the leak had stopped yesterday, and the spill was cleaned up last week, the oil has already had a devastating affect on wildlife and has placed humans at  risk.

The Associated Press reports that the federal and regional authorities are preparing to contend with a range of human health risks from the oil slick.

Lining Up With The Church

The child sex scandal in the Catholic Church and the cover-up by officials, including the current pope, has made for a lot of bad PR, has caused some Catholics to question the individual who head the Church, but has not shaken the Faith of the vast majority of Catholics. Many Catholics are loyal to Church, not to the Vatican. CBS reports that" in a recent poll of Catholics, 86 percent say the scandal has not affected their faith. Yet, 58 percent say that the Pope has done a poor job in handling the scandal."