February 2010


What is free these days? Freedom is “free”, but what is freedom really?  According to Wiki, Freedom means: the human value, or situation, to act according to one’s will without being held up by the powers of others.  In that case, yes, I guess the American people are “free” but not financially free, maybe at will we are free.  According to the dictionary Freedom means: the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.  Again, I guess emotionally and physically we are free, but once again, not financially.  My most favorite meaning of “Freedom” comes from Urban Dictionary: Something the American people just think they have.

Salesgirl Stalkers

I got stalked yesterday at a Body Shop-esuqe type of store.

As I sniffed my way around the natural soaps, body massagers and hennas, I was hounded mercilessly and stalked by 2 over-eager salespeople who were basically emulating the sales style of SNL's Gap Girls.

During the 4 minutes I was in the store, I was asked no less than 16 questions, and offered more than 7 things to smell.

If I am shopping alone, it is probably for a reason, which should be crystal clear- I do not want company, I do not want any  advice on how  I should put henna in my hair, which bath salt I should use, or how my skin really needs to be exfoliated. 

Mama Montag said what America was Thinking

Heidi Montag’s mom is my hero. She told her shallow, vacant daughter the blatant truth, what anyone who  has laid eyes on this crazy girl can see: she’s vain, insecure and talentless.

"She was saying how sad it is that my confidence is gone because of the music industry I'm trying to get into." – Heidi Montag, said about her mother.

Her poor mother must feel like a mother bird who’s chick has been handled. Heidi would be lucky if her mother didn’t roll her out of the nest for this idiot move. The best thing about this is how Heidi tanked a face and body that was naturally more spectacular than 98 percent of the population.

I Would Puke On Rod Blagojevich

In case you are keeping tabs, you can add Rod Blagojevich (who is not blacker than Obama) to the increasingly long list of names of people that I would willingly puke on if given the chance to do so, particularly at a public event. For a re-cap of Rod Blogovich’s high crimes and misdemeanors, check out his Wikipedia page, which looks more like a rap-sheet than the bio of a former Governor of one of our larger states.