January 2010

Verizon Wireless Can Go F* Themselves

So Verizon Wireless can suck a big fat piece of turd. For the past several months, they have been appearing on my credit report with a big mark saying I owe them money. Well guess what. I have never in my life had an account with Verizon Wireless, and after my experience dealing with them, I never will.

Apparently, back in college in 2000 I had a cell phone with a local company called Unicel. I moved away to a different state in 2005, never again using Unicel's service.

All is fine until 2009 when this red mark appears on my credit report. Verizon says I owe them $90. Fuck you Verizon! I call them and they can't even give me proof that I owe anything. No proof of a final bill, no proof of anything. All they can prove was that at one point I owned a cell phone and it was attached to a Unicel number. They think I'm going to fork over $90? FUCK YOU VERIZON!

It's Definitely OK to Use Social Networking to Help Your Cause

I haven’t watched much of the footage from Haiti, not because I don’t care, but because I don’t have cable tv. This hasn’t stopped me from reading about it, thinking about it, and wondering what responsibility we in the West have for preventing these kinds of disasters or what we can do now to help.

The two most straightforward ways remain the same for every type of disaster. They need donations of either your time or your money. I chose money, but only a little bit and then felt bad about my donation and its usefulness or lack thereof after reading an article on Gawker criticizing the “netiquette” of using social media to promote your cause.

So I Met an Alien

Backpacking means struggling to find rooms in interesting places, lugging an ever-growing backpack around, and meeting weirdos where ever you go. The other day, I met a middle-aged German tourist who bears a striking resemblance to the current pope, but without the hat. He sat at our table and lectured us for a while with  a story of aliens and a myopic viewpoint that probably had more to do with his alcohol consumption than any particular religious bent.

"I met an interesting alien once."  OK, although I myself have never met an alien, I'm at least open enough to listen. Others at our table were not.


"The Sahara." He didn't even pause. Whether this was a true hallucination, a real story, or he was making it up on the fly, he knew his facts.

Spoiler Alert: I'm Going to Whine About My Hair

Happy New Year’s and all that shit. Just in case the title was not enough to warn you, I am going to complain about my own personal problems for a minute.

Personally, the new year is not starting out as well as I could have hoped and it has to do with my hair. And, yes I am aware that there are major crises out there in the world, and that people are sick, and serious problems exist, but in the space of about four days, my hair changed from slightly unruly and unkept to basically the style that you would see on a 80-year-old woman.