December 2009

Mini-Vans and Puke, Not a Good Combo

I hate mini-vans. I was once on a trip ( I know it is tough to believe) with a mini-van sadly as the primary mode of transportation. There were approximately 13 people wedged into the van, much more than the 9 seats available, and of the 13, I think the driver was the only one in a semi-comfortable position.
Despite the fact that my legs are roughly eleven feet long, I somehow got shoved in the back, second row from the end, seated much too close in the middle next to some beefy young douche bag backpacker with a fake Rolex and a sunburn that looked like it would eventually turn into a tan.

My boyfriend was in the back-back, next to a 30-something-year old woman and her son, who looked to be about 5 years old. The boy should have  been in the front seat, but wasn't put there because he was not a local.