August 2009

Why I Hate Standby

At first I was so thankful to get a ‘free’ ticket that I did not care if I had to wait to get on the plane, because in this horrible economy, if I can save a buck, I will. I should have realized though that flying Alaska from Los Angeles to Seattle would be packed.

When I flew out from Los Angeles, I left super early on a Thursday morning and I really did not have any problems getting on a flight to Seattle (although I had to wake up at the butt crack of down in order to make that happen).  My annoyance though, came when I had to fly back home to Los Angeles from Seattle and I could not get on a flight.

Screw the War!

I hate war!  You know how many troops died the day Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died?  At least 13, and guess what, no one knew about it, because of Michael Jackson hording the headlines.  I used to think people did not want to hear bad things about the war, such as deaths or massive injuries just because it is depressing, but when you cover up the war with more deaths, especially a celebrity death it does not make sense.  Yes, a celebrity is well known, and yes, they do deserve some praise for their lifetime achievement IF it is deserved, but by covering all the headlines with those celebrities the media makes it seem as if our troops are nothing.

Top 6 Worst Smells EVER

6. Rotten Fish – I hate it when you are working in an office and someone cooks/heats up fish for lunch.  You can smell it as soon as they take it out of the foil and as soon as they put it in the microwave.  I swear either those people have no sense of smell or no common courtesy.  What is worse is when you have old fish in your fridge or garbage.  My dad used to fish all the time and he lives like a bachelor, so whenever I would come over I would find old fish in his fridge – DISGUSTING!  How could he not smell that?

Polite Seattle Drivers VS Insane LA Drivers

If you have ever been to Los Angeles and Seattle than you know that there is a HUGE difference in the way that people from each city drives.  In Seattle you have the drivers that are used to different weather types such as rain and snow and occasional sunshine and in Los Angeles you have drivers who are used to merging in heavy traffic, squeezing in small spaces and not afraid to ride on your ass. 

Phony Craigslist Ads

It has come to my attention over the last few months that several people post phony ads on Craigslist just to get a reaction from others, and no I am not talking about those phony ads where they tell you to ship your goods over seas and they will Western Union you, I am talking about the people who post roommate ads that are false, or items they are selling that are false just to get a kick out of people’s responses.