July 2009

You Park Like an A-hole!

One of the bad things about living in a populated city is trying to find parking.  What is extremely frustrating is when you live on a small block like I do, with very limited parking when a single car will park right in the middle of an easily two car parking space.  Or even worse, when a person who has a garage parking spot, parks on the street, especially during street cleaning day when parking is even more ridiculously hard to find, wtf! 

President Obama Wears “Mom Jeans”

Seriously people?  You are honestly critiquing that the president is wearing “frumpy Mom Jeans” to throw the first pitch at the All-Star baseball game?  Shouldn’t the public be worried about other presidential concerns or world topics, other than the jeans the president is wearing?  I admit, Barack Obama is a pretty hip president, but was it necessary for him to apologize to the public for wearing “frumpy” jeans?  Not at all!  This on the other hand must be a good sign that the United States is pretty happy with our president if we have come down to smaller things such as what je

More to Love

Apparently the average female reality show star is a size 2, but the average American (the new size) is a size 12-14 (what happened to size 8 being the average size?).  I HATE the quote that they show for the new reality series “More to Love” is a larger woman, size 12-14 (plus size), saying that she is a real woman – what am I fake?  Just because I am a size 4 (not the “average” size 2) doesn’t make me fake, it also doesn’t make me anything but a girl who happened to get good genetics.  I also workout to keep my shape, otherwise, I would probably go up to a size 8 or 10, but I want to stay a size 4 so I work at it. 

Bike Hazard

The other day, a woman on a bike thanked me for stepping off the sidewalk to get out of her way. I was so overwhelmed with amazement, I was struck speechless. I couldn't even formulate a simple "you're welcome" accompanied by a hand-wave, as she rode by. That's when I realized that there's a big problem: I'm learning to take it for granted that it's my duty to leap out of the way whenever some idiot on a bicycle comes careening up the sidewalk behind me. Even the skateboarders have better manners, at least in my neighborhood.

I understand that riding a bicycle is an eco-friendly decision. I applaud the choice more and more people are making to ride bikes to work, or to shop, or just to travel from one place to another, in general.

Ten Pet Peeves Related to Writing on the Web

It was hard to restrict this to just ten things, but here are ten things related to writing on the Web that are causing me to break out in hives when people don't manage to follow basic writing guidelines that they should have learned in high school. Please, proofread before you post, and yes, that includes titles too. Yes, I know, everyone makes mistakes, and heaven knows I do, but we should at least try for basic literacy.


Should we turn to the NYT for Facebook Ethics?

I don't know if ethics and Facebook should really be mentioned in the same sentence, but in a recent NYT column, the ethics of Facebooking were, once-again, addressed.  If you are "friends" with your kid's real-life friends on Facebook, is it right to spy on your children? If you are a teacher and are "friends" with your students, do you have a responsibility to report nefarious behavior such as drinking and/or bad-mouthing other teachers to school officials or just shut your mouth and maintain the student's trust? And, more importantly, who can we possibly turn to for advice about these important questions?

Randy Cohen, a NYT ethicist, (his column is actually entitled "The Ethicist" if you can believe it) apparently believes that he is the Ethical Guru we should all turn to for such all-important questions.