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OHP State Trooper stops ambulance...transporting a patient

Whatever you do, don't get pulled over by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Even if you have witnesses. Even if you're a paramedic, transporting a patient to the hospital, you don't want to piss off these OHP good ol' boys.

This just-released video from Trooper Daniel Martin's own dashboard camera makes it pretty clear that this particular law enforcement officer has some personal issues. I'm not going to suggest he's a racist jerk, just because he (and the backup officer who shows up after the trooper pulls the ambulance over) seem much more interested in having some sort of shouting match, bullying, choking, and swearing at the paramedics—especially ambulance supervisor Maurice White who steps out of the back of the ambulance and identifies himself as the person in charge of the team. White says quite calmly and clearly, more than once, that they're in the process of transporting a patient.  Martin doesn't seem inclined to do anything actually official or professional, like, oh...write the threatened "failure to yield" ticket that he's yelling about.

This story has apparently been unfolding in Oklahoma for a couple of weeks. The family members of the elderly woman being transported managed to record quite a damning amount of cell phone footage, as well. The dashboard cam in the trooper's own car caught the entire disturbing event pretty clearly, but I can't help but notice that the trooper involved kept trying to move out of the camera's field of vision. Nonetheless, when the OHP finally released the footage in response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by a local news station, the footage of the absolutely inexcusable and shameful behavior on the part of Trooper Daniel Martin, it didn't take long for links to spread all over the internet.

Astoundingly, the second officer to arrive at the scene reportedly turned his own dashboard camera off, entirely.