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Cheaters Will Always Be Cheaters

I am not sure if I fully agree with the phrase, “Cheaters will always be cheaters” or “once a cheater, always a cheater”.  I think mostly, yes, that is correct, but I also think that once the cheater finds someone that they cannot live without or once they are ready to settle down, that some (not all) will no longer cheat.  I, on the other hand will not stay with a guy if he cheats on me, but I have seen people who have cheated in the past, find someone that they are passionate about and never cheat again.  I have also seen people who have cheated and promised to no longer cheat, cheat. 

I bring this up, because a friend of mine is living with her boyfriend.  He has cheated on her at least twice that she knows of and this last time was just last night.  He was caught out in Hollywood making out with another girl and she told me that he did not come home till after six this morning and then headed off to work.  Since they live together, it makes this situation difficult, even more so because she is currently unemployed and could not really move out even if she wanted to (unless a nice friend like me offered to let her stay until she gets back on her feet).  From what another friend had told me, they had broken up after this first time he had cheated, but trust me, I have been in a situation where I lived with a boyfriend and we broke up, but I could not move out (Hollywood is EXPENSIVE), so we remained civil and still “dated” until I officially moved out and then we ‘officially’ ended it.

So, my poor friend, who is absolutely gorgeous, smart, humble, talented and a size two now feels like if this low-life jack ass does not love her, who will.  Her self esteem has gone to the dump, and why?  OMG- I have been trying to tell her all day that she is better than he is, obviously, and that she is better off without him (everything you tell a friend once she breaks up with her boyfriend, or has a jerk for a boyfriend, etc).  Of course when you are in the relationship though, everything is different.  You see what people are saying, but they are not directly involved in the relationship like you are, so it is never as easy as it sounds.  My friend is currently applying for associate producer positions at high network companies and shows, she is amazing, I kid you not and she is only 26. 

Why are people such jackasses?  If you are in a committed relationship and you are no longer interested in your partner, freakin’ break it off before you start dating, screwing or making out with someone else.  Grow some balls and be honest for once in your life!  Urgh!