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The Counterculture: Never Been There, Never Will

some call it a "lifestyle"

One thing I appreciate is finding topics that I am completely unfamiliar with from my own personal experiences.  When I hear about such things from individual people, my usual reaction is "You're kidding--  aren't you?!" even if I do not put it into those words.  When I read about it, though, it is quite different.  Such is the case with what is referred to as the "counterculture."  It is something I heard very little about before recent years, and it never affected me before.


Some reading material I found described it as behaviors that run completely against normal society.  Many of the individuals I've met in recent years all into that category.  However, one thing I have learned is the principle "To each their own" can backfire.  While I do not generally believe it is my place to tell other people what to do or how to live, holding the "To each their own" attitude results in many assuming I condone it, or even participate.  


Frankly, I'm fed up.  As I went through my life believing "doing the right thing" is a positive attribute, I'm more than tired of those who insist it is not.  I'm fed up with those who enjoy relating about their drug and alcohol abuse, criminal behaviors, and other methods of thumbing one's nose at "doing the right thing" somehow coming to the mistaken conclusion that I consider that kind of lifestyle acceptable.  


What comes to mind occasionally is something I heard a long time ago from the older generation:  I never knew anybody like that--  and certainly would not have associated with them if I had.  These days, that kind of statement would be called "judgmental;"  but I've learned it's better than people getting the wrong idea.  I have also learned presenting oneself honestly is something they do not want to see or hear.  Those who chose the wrong path in life really do not want to hear from those of us who did not.  Perhaps it causes them to acknowledge that it really was a mistake.  Either way, I'm tired of it.  Perhaps they should focus on others who are like themselves.