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People are Stupid, I Want to be a Cat.

It is days like today when I feel like saying “People are stupid, I want to be a cat.” Cats are known to sleep one third of their life away. In my daily life, I consider sleeping merely a favorite past time activity.

When I was a little kid, I remember waking up in the morning and my cat was curled up at the foot of my bed. I would yawn and stretch and then I would pet him absentmindedly and hop out of bed. As I picked out my clothes for school, he would take his sweet time waking up. He knew the only thing he had to wake up for was breakfast.

He would yawn and stretch too, but he would do it more slowly, more deliberately. I would pet him before heading to the bathroom for a shower. Sometimes I would give him a scratch behind his ears. He would rub his head against me affectionately and I was always greeted with a loud purr that could be heard around the room. I always called it his “motor boat”. It always made me smile as I was getting ready for school.

My cat usually stayed by my side all morning as I got ready. Although, he was lounging around everywhere I went. While I was showering, he would typically be outside the door grooming himself. I’d hop out of the shower, open the door and pet him, noticing his coat was now luscious and shiny. Then I’d run downstairs to make breakfast, feed him and run out the door. He’d be lying in the sun in the living room settling down for a cat nap as I locked the front door, knowing the house would be nice and quiet for the next 8 hours.

I remember walking outside after locking the door thinking I want to be a cat. I want to sleep in the sun all day. I don’t want to go to stupid school and deal with stupid teachers who don’t really understand me. I want to live a lazy life, where the only priorities of my day are making sure I get fed and get more than enough sleep. Another priority might be to watch the birds roost in the tree just to the left of the big sunny living room bay window. I want the biggest dilemma of my day to be the fact that I can’t catch those dumb birds.