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Can We Focus On Jobs Rather Than Dildos and Porn?

Recently I read an article in our local paper—you know, those charming little special-interest driven periodicals that aggravate you with their bumpkin letters to the editor, ridiculous “church notes,” and anti-abortion ads?—that, as was to be expected, pissed me off. A local politician is campaigning hard against new adult toy stores (or pleasure stores or whatever you want to call them) coming to town, trying to reduce the amount of time they can be open for business and whatnot, blah-blahing about the moral high grounds of her crusade and yadda yadda. Of course, her crusade is costing us tax dollars, and it’s mightily annoying, since we have so many more pressing matters in the county.

Um, how about the lack of jobs around here, ma’am? My husband’s currently laid off, and my poor mother, who was laid off two years ago, is barely getting by working as a laborer when she’s used to office work that’s no longer available around here. Wouldn’t such “sex shops” at least provide jobs and, dare I say it, a little bit of mirth to people who are largely saddened by the lack of jobs in the first place?

And how about all of the other problems you could be working on instead, hmm? Our red light cameras seem to be a big issue. There has been more crime than usual lately; we hear sirens nightly sometimes when we used to go months without hearing them. (Maybe some jobs could help with that, too.) How about those power lines that are still down from a storm we had weeks ago that we pass by every week? Those, I think, are much more dangerous to our community than an adult store.

Not to mention, of course, that it’s not illegal, and that you seem to be discriminatory in your attempt to bar them from our area. I don’t care one way or another whether we have more adult stores in the county; I know of at least four already, and they’re all tastefully displayed, for the most part, with covered windows and decent, non-lascivious names. I would love, however, for more business to drum up in the area, for more people to get jobs, which could both happen. Or the business could fail; if so, it’s the owner’s right to try, anyway.

Could you at least try to focus on the job you were elected to, the job we’re paying you to do (lucky you!), rather than some moralistic personal vendetta against sex shops? We’d really appreciate it.