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Stop the Bullying!

Bullying is one of the top concerns in public schools today. It can manifest in the form of physical or verbal abuse. It is very common that in many public schools across the nation young children and teenagers are being bullied each day.

I took my friend to her doctor’s appointment yesterday and while waiting in the lobby area I watched The Ellen Degeneres Show. The show featured a very interesting topic on “bullying.” The talk-show host also had a special guest to discuss in-depth about this disturbing topic. The special guest was Madonna.

Madonna is known to the world as being the number one “pop-diva” in the music industry. She has sold millions of records worldwide throughout the course of her music career. But what people don’t know about this famous music superstar is that Madonna was actually bullied in high school. Say what?? Yep folks, this “Queen of Pop” had been bullied and picked on by kids in school. Madonna was live via web-cam on The Ellen Show stating that hearing reports of teenage suicide and bullying just breaks her heart into a million pieces. She said there have been serious reports lately about young teenagers and adults taking their own lives due to physical and verbal harm done by their peers. Hearing Madonna’s heartfelt, touching words made me think about how kids nationwide are being physically and verbally abused.

When I was in high school, I have seen up close and personal of a young sophomore student being teased, taunted, and picked on by the senior class. I knew some of the senior class students. They were part of the after-school football team. Part of being in the school’s football team is to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to play. Most of these high school seniors did not have very good grades. I would hear rumors floating around the hallways that these seniors would demand the “book-worms” and “nerds” to actually complete their homework assignments for them. That is very sad. I was walking to my math class and happened to see a group of senior football players physically and verbally bullying a sophomore student. Since I was a bit late for math class and didn’t want to be tardy, I hurried along my way. As I made my way to math class, I was thinking back about the sophomore student being bullied at the locker room area. I felt so horrible for not stepping in and stopping this group of high school seniors. I regretted it. The sophomore student looked completely helpless and looked scared for his life. While I was in class, I turned to my friend and told her about the bullying incident. My friend could not believe what she was hearing and said it was a shame that this group of seniors would go so far.

I also remembered in my junior high school years that I was being bullied by a specific girl. I even still remember her name. I remembered for the longest three years of my life in junior high, I was being abused by this girl. This girl was part of the “popular” crowd and always hung out with kids that came from wealthy upper-class families. I went to junior high with many kids that came from rich, wealthy families. Many of them did not care about other kids in their own grade level. And many of them were completely stuck-up and brutal. I always dreaded walking through the hallways to each of my classes every day of my junior high life because I was deeply afraid of being bullied by the same girl. I remembered seeing scenes of the girl whispering to her “clique” of friends about how funny I looked, not wearing brand-name clothing, and being “unpopular.” They would stare at me in shock every time I walked by them. It did really hurt me that attending school with kids my own grade level would join in the "fun" with this particular girl of bullying me as well. Honestly, it was horrific. It also damaged me.

Quite honestly, I believe bullying stems from the individual’s low self-esteem issues. The individual may have experienced the same acts of being bullied by others as well. Who knows? Whatever the reason or circumstance is, there is no need to bully others to make yourself feel better or content. I think bullying is disgusting and wrong. Public schools across the nation should enforce better rules for violence and bullying amongst kids. Parents should also be more aware of their own children that may have been a victim of bullying too. This is a very important matter and subject that should be taken very seriously. I have once been a victim of bullying. I would never ever want to have my own future children one day be a victim of an act of violence or bullying either.

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