My New Best Friend: The Parking Lot Attendant

My New Best Friend: The Parking Lot Attendant

Kindness and Respect Matter BIG


Every time I am denied service somewhere, I save money. Or at least that’s my new mantra as I try to make myself feel better. 


The most heartening thing that’s happened to me in weeks was at the parking garage last night. My dad and I were talking about the Obama advertisement for the increased need for Food Banks and the parking attendant overheard our conversation. When I left the parking garage, the parking attendant let me out without paying and thumped his chest in a hearty motion. That’s the power of the people and his action left us both smiling. 

I’ve seen too much of the opposite of the power of the people lately. It makes me sick to my stomach sometimes and I don’t know what to tell people. Did the woman overcharging me at H & R Block by $500 have the right to do so because she couldn’t live on social security? Did the guy embarrassed by his job at the Jersey Sub Shop have the right to add on a tip that I would have paid for anyway?


But it got worse than this. 


I started to notice more pettiness, spite, and sheer malice around me for nothing. Nada. Fake Facebooks for people to make others feel bad. A news report from Australia about a nurse who committed suicide because of a prank call. More reports of attempts to intimidate people with mental disorders. Bitchy snide comments of a personal nature. 


The power of Facebook is making people feel worse about themselves. 


The worse the economy gets, the worse people seem to get to each other. We seem to have all become Scrooges, only without the big company to guide us. Instead, we are ruled by fear of the economy worsening and jealousy of those who are more fortunate than ourselves. 


I stupidly got robbed by a pickpocket at a grocery store. She kept her job and my wallet because that is the way the system is going now. Even the suburbs aren’t safe. 


It’s not like a Robin Hood story or an equal distribution of wealth. It’s a lack of resources and a lack of knowledge about how to get people to the right resources. I’m not saying that we have to use the “Pay it Forward” strategy because that didn’t end so well. I’m saying that common Respect and Dignity are sadly lacking from many of the people who “have good faces.”


Again, the most heartening, inspiring thing I witnessed in recent days was the thumping heartbeat from the parking lot attendant.