The customer is always right

The customer is always right

So stop judging me if you want my business, dude.

Recently we had some really trying issues with our Internet. It all started when I realized that we weren’t password protected in all of our years—nearly seven!—with this company. I had thought it was originally issued and saved within our computer, but we didn’t have one. I called the company to get one only to be told that since we had our own router, we’d have to go through the router’s company, which sounded stupid, but we tried it.

The router company told us that not only was our perfectly good router outdated, but that they’d charge us a bunch of money just for the password. Again, stupid, so we asked the cable company if they could just give us a new router. This piece of crap, which isn’t nearly as reliable as our old router, was $50.

I really wanted to make sure we were password protected, though, so we went through it. And guess what? I’m not sure if it was really worth it at all. For starters, we had to have techs come out FOUR times because it wasn’t installed properly. It kept shutting down, not giving us access, or losing its signal—then, later, it wasn’t compatible with our wireless phone and we had to buy a new phone to have it on a different setting as well! You can scream anytime you like; I sure did for two weeks. I still am, considering that the crappy router and whatnot seems to be slower—and slower to launch online—than my old one still.

Each tech told us it was our fault, or the previous tech’s. One even told us that it was our computer! Yeah, the laptop that I use at Bread Company, friends’ and relatives’ houses, the library, and other establishments just won’t pick up a signal all of the sudden. I’m glad that the next tech proved that one wrong, even though it took an hour and a half on the phone to waste in the meantime.

Don’t tell me that YOUR faulty equipment and crappy service is MY fault, dude. Don’t tell me I bought the wrong computer (my Toshiba is perfectly fine, thank you), that I need to buy something new AGAIN to use your crap service, that you’ve done all you can do. Because obviously you could do more; I’m online right now, aren’t I?

I can’t believe how much I pay for this awful service. Once my contract is up I’m looking elsewhere for sure. Though this company gave us a measly $50 credit for being so inconvenient and stupid, that’s still far less than our monthly bill. My husband maintains that we should have received at least a free month’s service, if not free equipment, and I am inclined to agree.