Caretaker steals $1 million from a 107-year-old's account

Caretaker steals $1 million from a 107-year-old's account

What has this country come to?

I saw this today and was absolutely disgusted. A supposed caretaker of a 107-year-old woman took $1 million from her retirement account. 

What did he spend the money on? 


The unworthy caretaker spent the woman’s retirement money on guns, tractors and horse trailers. Just what every person really and truly needs to get themselves through the day. 


What condition was the woman left in? 


She was not well taken care of. The 107-year-old woman was surrounded by dog feces with garbage left everywhere in 2011 and now lives in a nursing home after the police found her. Most octogenarians dream of getting interviewed by Jay Leno, but this poor woman just dreamed of getting fed.


Why are we allowing the elderly amongst us to go unloved and uncared for when they have no family? 


Social services are dwindling with today’s tight federal, state and local budgets. People who have done absolutely nothing wrong are falling between the cracks through no fault of their own. Which makes this kind of crime all the more horrifying when you stop and consider how easily how it could happen to any elderly person. 


Many nursing homes do not have high standards, and many caretakers are not qualified to be caretakers. In addition, many of the elderly are left in vulnerable positions due to illnesses associated with age. 


When times get tough, it seems to bring out the con artists in people, but this situation could have ended in the woman’s death in the middle of her own home in what the newspaper termed as “squalor.” The ends do not justify the means. Obviously. The caretaker’s great need for new tractors and horse trailers and guns--thank God he was caught--outweighed the woman’s need for care and help in his mind. 


The man was her caretaker for four years. Who knows how long the woman lived in this awful condition while he was her caretaker? It’s not only the man’s fault, but the fault of the system. There have to be resources out there--whether public or private--which are honest and cater to elderly care in a way that ensures the elderly are in fact receiving the care they are said to be getting. 


I’m glad to hear the woman is ok, but I’m sad to say that there are probably more situations like that happening elsewhere.