A Bastard Plays a Little "Joke" on His Disabled Girlfriend- NOT FUNNY

A Bastard Plays a Little "Joke" on His Disabled Girlfriend- NOT FUNNY

Our local paper, The Stranger, usually has readers write in atrocious things they have witnessed in the past week; previous events have included nose-picking and subsequent boogar-eating; public flossing; and other mostly harmless bad habits that no one wants to see (a recent example was a man masturbating into his co-worker’s cups.) On occasion, there is something truly awful involving violent actions. Unfortunately, I witnessed an act of physical violence of the lowest kind last week when I was at the mall.

I was driving behind a brown station wagon in front of one of the major department stores when the car abruptly stopped in front of me. Since I am a cautious driver, I stopped far enough back to give the driver some room. The passenger door quickly opened and an attractive blonde with crutches and a cast covering half of her left leg struggled to get out of the car. As she was trying to get out,  the driver, who looked as if he was a thirty-year-old white male of the red-neck persuasion, decided to play a little joke on her and stopped and started the car three times until the woman fell out of the car, and onto the ground. Obviously angry, (and before I could get out of my car), she stood up and flipped him off, and he drove away without saying a word of apology to her.

She hobbled off, and I was left to think about what I’d just seen- what kind of person is truly capable of treating another person (presumably their partner) in that way? I’m guessing that they were fighting, but where is the decency and human respect? Was he trying to break her other leg, too? Just for fun perhaps? He was old enough to know better- it’s not like he was some stupid, drunk 16-year-old who had just gotten his driver’s license. Of course, he could have just as easily been a stupid, drunk thirty-year-old who had been driving for fourteen years. Either way, I don’t know.

I regret that I didn’t quickly park my car and chase after her, but I didn’t know what I could say. She seemed physically ok, but the mental trauma of having someone treat you that way in a public place has to be unbearable.

What should I have done? Should I have approached the woman to offer a little support?