Bank Error: Not in My Favor

Bank Error: Not in My Favor

Another shitty experience with a bank.

I woke up this morning to an automatic text message saying that my bank account was in overdraft, which kind of pissed me off because I had closed this particular bank account a month ago.

How can a closed bank account be in overdraft you ask? That’s what I wondered, too, so I called customer service and asked.

The woman said that my account was in overdraft because my account balance of zero was beneath the $50 limit imposed by the bank for my type of bank account. Obviously, her response made zero sense to me because I had closed the account. I knew it wasn’t the customer service representative’s fault, but I started to get angry.

Very angry.

She then said that she would reverse the $10 fee charged by the bank for my overdraft. I asked her to close the account, at which point she said that she couldn’t because there  was a pending transaction.

I asked her what the pending transaction was and she said that the pending transaction was the reversal of the charges and that the account couldn’t be closed until the transaction (which was pending) was completed.

I asked to speak to a manager and the customer service representative said that that wouldn’t be necessary.

I said, ummm, maybe it would be necessary and once I made my voice reflect my true feelings to the bank, she transferred me.

The “manager,” whose title I am not exactly sure of, had nothing better to say to me than the customer service representative did. I asked when my account would be closed and she said that it would be closed in a couple of days.

Since I wasn’t the largest bank account holder in the first place, my opinion didn’t matter to the bank. I was just one customer to the bank. And a relatively poor one at that. So, I guess it shouldn’t matter that I said that I wanted to close my bank accounts.

I guess it shouldn’t matter if a customer wants to close an account. And there shouldn’t be any repercussions for the person whose error it actually was. Seriously, “bank error in your favor” is a card for board games only and not for the real world.

How can a bank charge you for an account that is supposedly closed and then act like they are doing you a huge favor?

I’m not sure. I’m going to write another post on this with an update. If the bank account isn’t closed by Friday, I’ll write another post with the bank’s name and forward it to the better business bureau.