All Spam is Not Alike

All Spam is Not Alike

some can appear to be harmless

If there is one thing everyone probably agrees on, it is the "intense dislike" of finding spam in our email. However, while most types of spam can be quickly identified and deleted, there is one that is especially bothersome. During the last couple of years, I have received countless streams of emails with the names of people I know in the "from" section. The emails are not from those people at all.


Fortunately, I learned in my earliest computer days to never click on links in emails without being absolutely certain of the sender. Upon opening the links in separate windows, I have found ads for drugs and other assorted garbage.


The main point I have noticed about this type of spam is the emails do not contain legitimate messages. They contain either nothing but links, or messages that are easily recognized as suspicious.


This has been a major annoyance to me, so I thought I would pass the information on to others. If you receive emails from someone you know, the absence of a real message should clue you in that it is not actually from the person.


I have not been able to determine how spammers get ahold of people's names and email addresses, and no one I have spoken with has been able to figure it out, either. As clicking these links can result in anything from unwanted advertisements to your email account being hacked, please put a couple of minutes into finding out if an email is from the sender, or whether it is this type of spam.